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Long weekend city travel guides

 That's a place where I share my love of exploring cities around the world.  If you want to take your wheelchair out for a spin, or are looking for ideas for your next weekend away, right here you will find a ton of information to plan your next adventure.



 Cultural wheelchair-friendly places to hang out


Wheelchair-friendly Accommodations

As a wheelchair user, choosing a place to stay can be a time-consuming task to do, because most of the time, the search hotel engines does not have this option to choose from. Here I have collected all the hotels I have stayed in and have reviewed their accessibility. Some of them are better than the others but overall, all of them are wheelchair-friendly and are also located in a wheelchair-friendly neighbourhood. Travel starts with a place to stay, So here you have it. Combine these with our Long weekend city guides and you are guaranteed of havin' a good time.


Get out there folks X