#Accessiblehangout is a Crowdsource Idea to create a network among wheelchair users where everyone can share information and tips about wheelchair-friendly/Accessible places. 


 While I was researching for wheelchair backpacking I found out that there is not enough information out there regarding wheelchair accessibility. So I thought it would be real nice if we had a network where people would find the information they need as a wheelchair user traveller. A place where wheelchair users themselves would share their 'hang-outs' and the places where they usually go when they want to have a good time, because at the end of the day, its about having a good time and make the best out of it


The idea is simple, pretty simple.


If you are a wheelchair user and have a favourite place in you city, use the hashtag #accessiblehangout to share information about cultural and social hang outs, so other wheelchair user has the reliable and correct information about the place regarding accessibility. 

The main purpose is to provide reliable information reviewing accessibility in the cities/neighbourhood’s museums, art galleries, exhibitions halls, cinemas, bars, restaurants, parks, public transport and wheelchair-friendly accommodation when available. 

When it comes to reviewing wheelchair friendly hotel rooms, all you have to do is to take a picture/video with your smartphone and use the following hashtag; #accessiblehotel + city/district name altogether Ex #AccessibleHotelBerlinthen you simply share it in any social media that google will find your review if you use the right hashtag. Such a simple thing to do that can save a lot of time and help a ton of wheelchair users out there.

If you would like to get involved,  improve, collect information or use the data in a mobile app or a website please fell free to do so, your collaboration will be more than welcome.  




Access to information is as important as access to places.


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