Hi folks, my name is Rodrigo aka Roddy.


I am a citizen of the cosmos that was made in Brazil a 30-something summers ago. Growing up in Brazil was a lot of fun. I got the opportunity to live in many different cities. I lived in an Island, in a small town, in a big city, you name it. My passion for traveling started when I was a little boy and traveling still is what I love the most.

I have lived in many different places and I spent a big chunk of my 20's in London, a city where I used as a base to explore the World, work and to continue the studies of my life-long degree in curiosity. I loved the place and due to a blonde circumstance, I now live in south of Sweden. The beautiful nature-filled city of Växjö is the currently place I call home.

I drove myself around quite a lot, a few summers back I did a 3-months-18.000Km-29-states road trip in the US and A. In another occasion I drove my 1.0 Corsa 11.000km alongside the Brazilian tropical coast. I took planes, boats, busses, trains around the Americas, Europe and South East Asia. I hiked to Machu Picchu through the Salkantay Mountain, I hiked Etna volcano down in Sicily, I climbed the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka, I used to do a lot. I was literally living the dream.

Unfortunately sometimes things don't go as planned, shit happens all the time, and In summer 2014, after backpacking around South America, I fell from a small cliff while in Brazil and I broke my back. I had a spinal cord injury and, as we speak, I am now a T3 complete paraplegic. 

Yes, that was a bad day and Forrest's mama was right; "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get."

Salkantay Mountain, Peru

Salkantay Mountain, Peru

Anyways, It took me quite a while to get back to travelling after that ‘bad day’ and now I am planning to finish what I started. 

Good Time to Roll On was born as a side project to finish an unfinished trip around the world. Its a place where I will review the accessibility of the cities I travel to.

I am re-adapting my way of traveling and exploring the world and now, knowing that there is a room for improvement in the inclusive tourism, I am trying to merge my passion with what the world needs with this project. I found myself in a situation where I can help others to keep on traveling and to keep on exploring and at the same time, provide reliable information regarding wheelchair friendly hotels, cultural places and hangouts, something that is not yet easy to find over the internet.

Above all, I believe that happiness is dependent upon ourselves, and there are things in life you have to insist on doing, no matters what happens, you have to insist on making your passion your priority and travel is where my heart is. 


The man change, but the constant remains always the same: the fever, the enthusiasm, the dream, the “because I wanted to do, I did”, the search, the love, the finding, the wandering.